The Importance Of Tracking Your Macros

The Importance Of Tracking Your Macros

Last week we had a challenge to see if we can track the whole week. My tracking went off to a bad start when I forgot the scale at home. We went away for the weekend, and I forgot my food scale at home, so I had to guess how much I was eating. I tracked the actual food, but I didn’t really have a clue as to the quantity. But once back at home, I tracked for the full5 days of the week.

I decided to go back to the most easy eating plan to get back into ketosis. So I relied on eggs, eggs and eggs. You might find my eating plan below REALLY boring, but it works!

This week I will try to incorporate more options into my menu for the week. But I don’t mind the eggs. And since eggs have the near perfect ratio, it makes it very easy.

Lets look at my menu for the week

Please note that Monday – Wednesday my fat/protein ration was slightly different and on Thursday I updated it slightly. You can only jump in 5% increments in My Fitness Pal, so you have to choose which one, the upper or lower 5% suits you best. I at first thought that I am happy with 70% fat and 25% protein, but then decided to adjust the ratio to 75%/20%, as shown below.

Below is my current goals

On Monday I shared a Atkins Chocolate Coconut bar with my husband mid-morning and that night we shared a Atkins Milk Chocolate Mint Crisp Bar. Chocolate is my weak point, so I like to add a low carbs chocolate to my day when possible. But always remember, go for the low carb variety! You will also notice that due to the fact that we had various snacks during the day, we actually only had 1 meal for the day. Because of the biltong (beef jerky), I was a bit over on my protein, but I was at least still within my calorie limit.

On Tuesday we did intermittent fasting (most days we do that) and only had lunch and dinner, with a treat before we go to bed. I was over on the fat, but that is good, so won’t be an issue.

Wednesday was pretty much the same as Tuesday, except I was a little over my carb allowance, having 18g instead of 15g. But the goal it to have less than 20g total carbs per day, so I was still within that limit.

On Thursday I went for breakfast with the guys at work. It is not something I normally do, so I had to forgo lunch in order to stay within my calories for the day. I also adjusted my fat/protein ration this morning, so I am allowed a little ore fat and a little less protein. To prevent being hungry in the afternoon, I had a tea with a spoon of coconut oil. I was way below my calorie intake for the day, with 152 calories to spare. Not a bad day.

Friday was back to the original menu I had on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had a bit more avocado (only because the avo was bigger and I didn’t want to let it go to waste). And I also added a dollop of sour cream for a little variation. I was slightly over my calories for the day, but because of the extra fat, which is good.

So overall it was a good week. I tracked the days I had the food scale with me, and on the weekend, when we were away, I guesstimate as best I could.

I hope you had a good week as well!

Enjoy the coming week!