Keto BHB Reviews – Should We Supplement or Not?

keto supplements

Are there any benefits in taking a keto supplement?  Do you have to take a supplement?  What supplements are available and which one should you take?

The benefits of taking a keto supplement are numerous, but to name a few: appetite suppression, athletic enhancement, improved cognition and mental clarity and anti-inflammatory properties.  I will discuss all these benefits in a future post.

You don’t have to take the supplement.  You can get most of these benefits just by being in a state of ketosis.  But most people have to work hard to reach that state and stay in that state, in order to reap the benefits.  Sometimes you can’t stay in that state (like when you are away from home and food is prepared for you, or when you visit friends and they serve this really delicious desert that you just can’t decline).  But when taking a keto supplement, it releases the ketones in your bloodstream even if you are in ketosis or not.  These ketones are called exogenous ketones, and helps you to get the benefit of ketosis between meals or when doing intermittent fasting to improve weight loss.

When using this supplement, you also avoid the dreaded keto-flu.  The nasty and unwanted side effects of keto-flu include low energy, bloating, irritability, headaches and fatigue.

We’ve tried 3 supplements over the last few weeks. In no particular order, they are Keto Switch, Keto OS Supplement and Ketologic BHB.  I found that I have a lot more energy while taking the supplements, which helps me to exercise more than I normally would.  We also found that the “brain-fog” disappeared and that we are much more clear-headed and able to concentrate for longer.   I’ve decided to do a quick keto supplement review.

There’s a few flavors of this supplement on the market.  You get this one in peach-mango, lychee, chocolate, pineapple-lime and raspberry.

The taste test:

We’ve tried all of them except the raspberry.  The lychee was originally my favorite, although hubby didn’t like the taste.  He preferred the peach-mango.  We both agree that the pineapple lime really taste like nothing in particular and you have to make it almost double strength to actually taste something.  And then we discovered the chocolate flavor, and we were both hooked.  It tastes like cookies and cream ????.

The supplement itself:

The supplement does not contain caffeine, so you can take it late afternoon or even in the evening without having to worry about counting sheep.  It suppresses your appetite and on a warm day a glass of ice gold lychee is just what you need.  It contains about 50 calories per serve.  At $99 per container it is reasonably priced.  This product is available at Nutrition Warehouse.

Keto OS Supplement Review

There is a lot of flavors in this brand.  It ranges from raspberry lemonade to swiss chocolate.  There is orange swirl and maui punch and a few other flavors.  We tried the 5-day starter pack which basically consists of 1 serving of each of the flavors.  All flavors come with caffeine as well as without caffeine.  For an early-in-the-day serving the supplement with caffeine is ideal, as it helps increase your metabolism.  For later in the day I suggest caffeine-free supplements, but it all depends on the individual.

The Taste Test:

We started off with the 5-day starter pack.  Neither of us liked the orange swirl.  The chocolate swirl tastes different and we had to get use to that one.  But now it is one of our favorites.  Of cause we loved the swiss cocoa one!  Who wouldn’t?  The raspberry lemonade is nice if you don’t feel like something chocolatey.  The maui punch has a nice taste, but not one of my favorites.  Towards the end of last year, they had a special on black Friday.  It was black cherry or something.  Smelled delicious, although I didn’t taste it.  It was only available for the day.

The supplement itself:

The supplement is available with and without caffeine, so if you like this one, you can have your favorite anytime of the day without having to worry about the caffeine.  It suppresses your appetite and it gives you a lot of energy.  It contains between 40-60 calories per serve, depending on the flavor.  At $135 per container it is well priced and worth the money.

Ketologic BHB Supplement Review

This one comes in apple-pear, orange-mango and cucumber-lime.  I bought one of each for us to taste test.

The taste test: The apple-pear was the only one that we actually enjoyed.  The other two flavors are to be honest really awful.

The supplement itself:

The supplement does not contain caffeine, so you can take it anytime of the day.  I didn’t take it often enough to really say if it suppressed my appetite or not.  We only had the apple-pear flavor and we only had it as a nice cold drink when we felt like something healthy to drink, instead of a soft drink.  The other two containers are still in the cupboard and will probably stay there until it expires.   It contains about 20 calories per serve.  At $79 per container it is definitely not worth the money.  These products were purchased at a ASN store.

L-Carnitine Supplement

As part of our supplements we also take L-Carnitine.  L Carnitine commonly known to help your body produce energy by freeing up fatty acids, to aid fat loss.. It is often mistaken for an amino acid but is actually synthesized in the body from amino acids, lysine and methionine.

We add one serving to our keto supplement twice a day.

We’ve tried Evolve and we also tried Genetix Nutrition.  We tried Genetix Nutrition 100% pure L-Carnitine first and was happy with the product.  Then we saw Evolve, on a special at one of the ASN shops.  I bought two containers, since they were fairly small.   The Evolve supplement smells like fishy water and gives a strange taste to your keto supplement.  We didn’t like it at all, so we switched back to the Genetix Nutrition brand, which is available at Nutrition Warehouse.