Keto Diet Review – Are There REALLY Any Benefits?

keto diet review

As mentioned in a previous post, there are a lot of benefits from following a keto lifestyle. The vary from increased energy levels to weight loss. In this post I will discuss the main keto diet benefits. Let’s get right into it!

Weight Management

A high fat/medium protein diet with very low carbs (less than 20g of net carbs) has been used for ages to maintain a healthy weight. Because you feel full after a meal, you tend to eat less, equating in less calories for the day. By not eating any complex carbs, you also force your body into using fat as a fuel, thus burning away all that excess fat around the hips.

Mental Clarity

Once you stop eating complex carbs, especially grains, you can literally feel that “brain-fog” feeling disappear. You can concentrate for much longer, you can think clearly and you at the end of a very mentally-challenged day, you still feel fresh. If weight loss is not high on your list, this specific benefit will still make the keto diet worth it.

Appetite Control

Because of the satiating nature of foods high in fat, you feel less hungry during the day. As mentioned above, if you are not hungry, it results in a lower calorie intake at the end of the day.

Increased Energy Levels

The most surprising benefit from the keto diet is the increase in energy levels. Fat are a readily available fuel source and once you are fat-adapted (using fat as fuel), you will find that you have heaps more energy and can go for hours without certain food, and still have all this excess energy.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

Most people this that because you are now eating so much fat, your cholesterol will sky-rocket. But the opposite is actually true. Because you are eating a lot of the healthy fats (salmon, avocado, olives, coconut oil, etc) it actually increases your HDL cholesterol and lowers your LDL cholesterol. It is the HDL/LDL ratio that is important, and if you can increase your HDL cholesterol, you are on the right track to a healthy heart.

Reduced blood sugar and insulin levels

Carbs are broken into simple sugars (glucose) and thus elevate blood sugar levels. Because high blood sugar levels are unhealthy, your body produce a hormone called insulin, which causes the glucose to be absorbed by the cells and either burn or store it. Most of have a problem with that “soring” part of glucose ????. Many people are what is called insulin resistant, which means the cells don’t recognise the insulin and thus not bring it into the cells for storage or to burn it for energy. This is called type 2 diabetes, where the body fails to produce enough insulin to lower blood sugar levels after a meal and your blood in effect becomes toxic. By lowering your carb intake, you remove the need for that insulin and both blood sugar and insulin levels go down. IN a lot of cases this even reverse type 2 diabetes.

Overall brain health

A lot of studies claim that glucose is necessary for brain health. Some parts of the brain can only use glucose to function. That is why your liver produce glucose out of protein if you don’t eat any carbs. But the largest parts of the brain can also burn ketones, which are formed if your carb intake is very low. This is why a lot of children that suffers from epilepsy and does not respond to the drugs, are treated with e ketogenic diet. These children have a 50% reduction in seizures and about 16% of them becomes seizure free, without all the really negative side-effect of using drugs. Studies also show that enjoying a diet high in MCT (medium chain triglycerides) are very beneficial for the brain and can prevent other brain disorders, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. MCT can be found in coconut oil for example.

I hope this post encourage you to hang in there and to start reaping the benefits!