Feel Like Giving Up On Keto?

Feel Like Giving Up On Keto

Do you some days feel like giving up? Do you feel like cheating? Do you wonder why you ever started this journey and if it is worth it?

Don’t worry, this is normal.  We all ask ourselves this questions at some point.

If you never asked yourself these questions you are one of the lucky few.  But it is perfectly normal to feel discouraged and to question yourself.  But it is very important that you take a step back and assess the situation.  Remember, never ever give up without confronting yourself!

Ask yourself why you decided to go on this journey.  Was it to lose weight?  Or maybe it was to just improve your health in general?  Whatever your reasoning was behind choosing the keto lifestyle, ask yourself what you achieved in the last month.  Maybe you started out on this journey to lose weight? Maybe you did not lose 39 pounds like some videos promise you.  Maybe you only lost 7 pounds in the last month. But that is 7 pounds towards your goal! You now weigh 7 pounds less than a month ago! Why on earth would you want to give up if you are successful?

Maybe you embarked on this journey to improve your health.  So ask yourself if you feel better now?  What specific health concerns did you have?  Did you struggle with indigestion?  Did you feel bloated all the time? Maybe you were always tired?  How do you feel now?  Do you see any improvement in those symptoms?  If the answer is yes to even one of these questions, then you are working towards your goal!  Once again, why on earth would you want to give up if you are successful?

Nobody expects you to achieve your goal within the first few weeks.  And you have to realize that it won’t be realistic to expect it from yourself.  Sometimes success comes in small doses and we just have to keep at it until we reach that final goal.  Sometimes it can take months or even years to reach our goals.  But the important thing is to keep going.

And if you give up for a day or a week, sit back and look at the big picture and get back on track.  Remember, a setback is NOT a failure.  It is an opportunity to do better.  It is an opportunity to show yourself what you are capable of.

One day I talked to a woman that was fairly overweight.  This woman was very excited when she mentioned to me that she needs to lose another 20 kilograms.  And I thought by myself that she’s very positive at the start if her journey, where I feel like I have this mountain in front of me that I have to climb in the next few months.  But the next thing she said just completely took me by surprise.  The next thing she said was: ” I’ve lost 100 kilograms already, so I am almost there.”

She lost 100 kilograms already!!!!!   What an achievement!!!!  And here I am, complaining because I want to lose 24 kg.  This woman already lost more than my total body weight, and she still have to lose almost as much as I need to lose to reach my goal weight, and she is excited about it.  As in really excited!   What a great example!

So maybe we should all be excited about our journeys ahead of us.  Maybe we should see it as something we can look back to at the end of the journey and be able to say we enjoyed it.  We enjoyed losing weight, it was not hard work.  We had fun doing it.  We were able to eat all the fatty foods we always had to avoid.  We were able to discover new recipes and change old favorites.  We discovered exercise and learned to love it.  Maybe if we look forward to the journey, eager to get there, it would be so much easier for us not to give up.