Stress And The Keto Diet How To Handle It


What if the sky falls?  What if the sea dries up?  Are you lying awake at night, worrying about the most ridiculous things?  Or are you worried about work/the kids/money/life in general?

Worry can cause us to gain weight, even if we watch what we eat.  Stress causes hormonal-imbalances that can make it nearly impossible to lose weight.  And more important, worries can have a really negative impact on our overall health.  For me, stress and eating goes hand-in-hand.  The more I stress, the more I want something to eat.

Lots of symptoms that we experience are cause by worries, such as fatigue, weight gain, stomach ulcers, insomnia, headaches, etc.  And stress are cause by worrying about everything all the time.

What should be the best ways to deal with this kind of stress?  How do I handle stress and not let it negatively impact my health and my life.   People use different mechanisms to deal with stress.  Some exercise, some go to a boxing class.  There are various ways to deal with stress.  But one of the best ways is to eliminate the reason you are stressing, which will solve a lot of stress-related issues permanently.  How do I do that?  Where do I start?

Golden Rule:

Worry/stress caused by problems you can do something about will decrease the moment you take action.

The trick is to distinguish between which worries you can change and which ones you can’t.

Make a list with 2 columns.  In the first column you write down all the worries you have, or anything that are causing you stress.  Start with the worries that you can do something about.  List them first.  Halfway down the page, list the worries that you can’t do anything about.  Now, in the second column, rank your worries in order of what is causing you to worry most, to what worries you the least.  Now look at the top two worries, and make a list of what you can do to eliminate these worries from your life.  Work your way down the list and start taking action!

If you need to, put a detailed plan in place of what you are going to do to eliminate that particular worry.  It might be something big, like looking for another job elsewhere.  Or it might be something surprisingly small.  Just work methodically towards this goal.  Remember small steps is a start.

What about the things that I can’t change or do anything about?  Now look at you list and decide if it is REALLY something that you need to worry about.  What is causing you to worry about this?  Is there a specific trigger?  Is it triggered by the news or social media?  Remember, good news doesn’t sell and everybody on social media have perfect lives.  If you can identify the trigger, try and avoid it.

You might live in a country where there is a high crime rate.  You might constantly think about your safety and always worry about being hijacked or robbed or becoming a victim of some other crime.  Watching the news, seeing these things happen, will definitely increase your stress.  So eliminate the trigger and stop thinking about it constantly.  Do what you possible can to keep yourself safe, but don’t fret about it constantly.  If you have to go to the shop, make sure you lock the doors, take all possible precautions, and then go to the shops without being completely terrified of becoming a crime victim.

Overcoming worries that you can’t really change much, is to find the trigger and eliminate it.  So focus on that one thing on your list that you can’t do anything about, and find out what trigger the worries.

At least now you will have a plan in place on what you are going to do to get rid of that biggest worry you have that is within your ability to change.  And you have identified the trigger to the worry that you can’t change that is causing you stress.

Remember, worrying makes you sick.  Take control of your health and start doing something about the things that worry you the most.

Happy days!